class lightkurve.seismology.Seismology(periodogram)[source]#

Enables astroseismic quantities to be estimated from periodograms.

This class provides easy access to methods to estimate numax, deltanu, radius, mass, and logg, and stores them on its tray for easy diagnostic plotting.

periodogramPeriodogram object

Periodogram to be analyzed. Must be background-corrected, e.g. using periodogram.flatten().


Download the TESS light curve for HIP 116158:

>>> import lightkurve as lk
>>> lc = lk.search_lightcurve("HIP 116158", sector=2).download()  
>>> lc = lc.normalize().remove_nans().remove_outliers()  

Create a Lomb-Scargle periodogram:

>>> pg = lc.to_periodogram(normalization='psd', minimum_frequency=100, maximum_frequency=800)  

Create a Seismology object and use it to estimate parameters:

>>> seismology = pg.flatten().to_seismology()  
>>> seismology.estimate_numax()  
numax: 415.00 uHz (method: ACF2D)
>>> seismology.estimate_deltanu()  
deltanu: 28.78 uHz (method: ACF2D)
>>> seismology.estimate_radius(teff=5080)  
radius: 2.78 solRad (method: Uncorrected Scaling Relations)




Create diagnostic plots showing how numax was estimated.


Create diagnostic plots showing how numax was estimated.

estimate_deltanu([method, numax])

Returns the average value of the large frequency spacing, DeltaNu, of the seismic oscillations of the target.

estimate_logg([teff, numax])

Calculates the log of the surface gravity using the asteroseismic scaling relations.

estimate_mass([teff, numax, deltanu])

Calculates mass using the asteroseismic scaling relations.


Returns the frequency of the peak of the seismic oscillation modes envelope.

estimate_radius([teff, numax, deltanu])

Returns a stellar radius estimate based on the scaling relations.

from_lightcurve(lc, **kwargs)

Returns a Seismology object given a LightCurve.


Display an interactive Jupyter notebook widget showing an Echelle diagram.

plot_echelle([deltanu, numax, ...])

Plots an echelle diagram of the periodogram by stacking the periodogram in slices of deltanu.



The periodogram from which seismological parameters are being extracted.