KeplerTargetPixelFile.extract_aperture_photometry(aperture_mask='default', flux_method='sum', centroid_method='moments')[source]#

Returns a LightCurve obtained using aperture photometry.

aperture_maskarray-like, ‘pipeline’, ‘threshold’, ‘default’, or ‘all’

A boolean array describing the aperture such that True means that the pixel will be used. If None or ‘all’ are passed, all pixels will be used. If ‘pipeline’ is passed, the mask suggested by the official pipeline will be returned. If ‘threshold’ is passed, all pixels brighter than 3-sigma above the median flux will be used. If ‘default’ is passed, ‘pipeline’ mask will be used when available, with ‘threshold’ as the fallback.

flux_method: ‘sum’, ‘median’, or ‘mean’

Determines how the pixel values within the aperture mask are combined at each cadence. Defaults to ‘sum’.

centroid_methodstr, ‘moments’ or ‘quadratic’

For the details on this arguments, please refer to the documentation for estimate_centroids().

lcKeplerLightCurve object

Array containing the summed flux within the aperture for each cadence.