LightCurve.to_periodogram(method='lombscargle', **kwargs)[source]#

Converts the light curve to a Periodogram power spectrum object.

This method will call either LombScarglePeriodogram.from_lightcurve() or BoxLeastSquaresPeriodogram.from_lightcurve(), which in turn wrap astropy’s LombScargle and BoxLeastSquares.

Optional keywords accepted if method='lombscargle' are: minimum_frequency, maximum_frequency, mininum_period, maximum_period, frequency, period, nterms, nyquist_factor, oversample_factor, freq_unit, normalization, ls_method.

Optional keywords accepted if method='bls' are minimum_period, maximum_period, period, frequency_factor, duration.

method{‘lombscargle’, ‘boxleastsquares’, ‘ls’, ‘bls’}

Use the Lomb Scargle or Box Least Squares (BLS) method to extract the power spectrum. Defaults to 'lombscargle'. 'ls' and 'bls' are shorthands for 'lombscargle' and 'boxleastsquares'.


Keyword arguments passed to either LombScarglePeriodogram or BoxLeastSquaresPeriodogram.

PeriodogramPeriodogram object

The power spectrum object extracted from the light curve.