LightCurve.search_neighbors(limit: int = 10, radius: float = 3600.0, **search_criteria)[source]#

Search the data archive at MAST for the most nearby light curves.

By default, the 10 nearest neighbors located within 3600 arcseconds are returned. You can override these defaults by changing the limit and radius parameters.

If the LightCurve object is a Kepler, K2, or TESS light curve, the default behavior of this method is to only return light curves obtained during the exact same quarter, campaign, or sector. This is useful to enable coeval light curves to be inspected for spurious noise signals in common between multiple neighboring targets. You can override this default behavior by passing a mission, quarter, campaign, or sector argument yourself.

Please refer to the docstring of search_lightcurve for a complete list of search parameters accepted.


Maximum number of results to return.

radiusfloat or astropy.units.Quantity object

Conesearch radius. If a float is given it will be assumed to be in units of arcseconds.


Extra criteria to be passed to search_lightcurve.

resultSearchResult object

Object detailing the neighbor light curves found, sorted by distance from the current light curve.