static BoxLeastSquaresPeriodogram.from_lightcurve(lc, **kwargs)[source]#

Creates a Periodogram from a LightCurve using the Box Least Squares (BLS) method.

lcLightCurve object

The LightCurve from which to compute the Periodogram.

durationfloat, array_like, or Quantity, optional

The set of durations that will be considered. Default to [0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.33] if not specified.

periodarray_like or Quantity, optional

The periods where the Periodogram should be computed. If not provided, a default will be created using BoxLeastSquares.autoperiod().

minimum_period, maximum_periodfloat or Quantity, optional

If period is not provided, the minimum/maximum periods to search. The defaults will be computed as described in the notes below.

frequency_factorfloat, optional

If period is not provided, a factor to control the frequency spacing of periods to be considered.


Keyword arguments passed to BoxLeastSquares.power()

PeriodogramPeriodogram object

Returns a Periodogram object extracted from the lightcurve.


If period is not provided, the default minimum period is computed from maximum duration and the median observation time gap as

minimum_period = max(median(diff(lc.time)) * 4,
                     max(duration) + median(diff(lc.time)))

The default maximum period is computed as

maximum_period = (max(lc.time) - min(lc.time)) / 3

ensuring that any systems with at least 3 transits are within the range of searched periods.