KeplerTargetPixelFile.to_lightcurve(method='sap', corrector=None, **kwargs)#

Performs photometry on the pixel data and returns a LightCurve object.

The valid keyword arguments depends on the method chosen:

For methods ‘sff’ and ‘cbv’, they are syntactic shortcuts of:

  • creating a lightcurve using ‘sap’ method,

  • corrects the created lightcurve using LightCurve.to_corrector() of the respective method.

method‘aperture’, ‘prf’, ‘sap’, ‘sff’, ‘cbv’, ‘pld’.

Photometry method to use. ‘aperture’ is an alias of ‘sap’.


Extra arguments to be passed to the extract_aperture_photometry(), the extract_prf_photometry(), or the to_corrector() method of this class.

lcLightCurve object

Object containing the resulting lightcurve.