SearchResult.download_all(quality_bitmask='default', download_dir=None, cutout_size=None, **kwargs)[source]

Download and open all data products in the search result.

This method will return a TargetPixelFileCollection or LightCurveCollection.

quality_bitmaskstr or int, optional

Bitmask (integer) which identifies the quality flag bitmask that should be used to mask out bad cadences. If a string is passed, it has the following meaning:

  • “none”: no cadences will be ignored

  • “default”: cadences with severe quality issues will be ignored

  • “hard”: more conservative choice of flags to ignore This is known to remove good data.

  • “hardest”: removes all data that has been flagged This mask is not recommended.

See the KeplerQualityFlags or TessQualityFlags class for details on the bitmasks.

download_dirstr, optional

Location where the data files will be stored. Defaults to “~/.lightkurve-cache” if None is passed.

cutout_sizeint, float or tuple, optional

Side length of cutout in pixels. Tuples should have dimensions (y, x). Default size is (5, 5)

flux_columnstr, optional

The column in the FITS file to be read as flux. Defaults to ‘pdcsap_flux’. Typically ‘pdcsap_flux’ or ‘sap_flux’.

kwargsdict, optional

Extra keyword arguments passed on to the file format reader function.

collectionCollection object

Returns a LightCurveCollection or TargetPixelFileCollection, containing all entries in the products table


If the TESSCut service times out (i.e. returns HTTP status 504).


If any other error occurs.