KeplerTargetPixelFile.cutout(center=None, size=5)#

Cut a rectangle out of the Target Pixel File.

This methods returns a new TargetPixelFile object containing a rectangle of a given size cut out around a given center.

center(int, int) tuple or astropy.SkyCoord

Center of the cutout. If an (int, int) tuple is passed, it will be interpreted as the (column, row) coordinates relative to the bottom-left corner of the TPF. If an astropy.SkyCoord is passed then the sky coordinate will be used instead. If None (default) then the center of the TPF will be used.

sizeint or (int, int) tuple

Number of pixels to cut out. If a single integer is passed then a square of that size will be cut. If a tuple is passed then a rectangle with dimensions (column_size, row_size) will be cut.

tpflightkurve.TargetPixelFile object

New and smaller Target Pixel File object containing only the data cut out.