, flux_column='IRM1', include_inst_errs=False, quality_bitmask=None)[source]

Returns a TESS CDIPS LightCurve.

Note: CDIPS light curves have already had quality filtering applied, and do not provide the bitflags necessary for a user to apply a new bitmask. Therefore, frames corresponding to “momentum dumps and coarse point modes” are removed according to Bouma et al. 2019, and no other quality filtering is allowed. The quality_bitmask parameter is ignored but accepted for compatibility with other data format readers.

More information:


Local path or remote url of CDIPS light curve FITS file.


‘IFL#’, ‘IRM#’, ‘TFA#’, or ‘PCA#’ (# = 1, 2, or 3) Which column in the FITS file contains the preferred flux data?

include_inst_errs: bool

Whether to include the instrumental flux/magnitude errors (Errors are not provided for trend-filtered magnitudes)