, flux_column='CORR_FLUX', quality_bitmask='default')[source]

Returns a LightCurve object given a light curve file from eleanor package or GSFC-ELEANOR-LITE Pipeline.

By default, eleanor’s CORR_FLUX column is used to populate the flux values. Note that the “FLUX_ERR” column in the Eleanor FITS file is referred to the uncertainty of “RAW_FLUX”, not “CORR_FLUX”. Thus the uncertainty reported in the ‘flux_err’ column here is calculated as follows: corr_flux_err = corr_flux*raw_flux_err/raw_flux. For completeness, the original raw_flux’s error is added as a “raw_flux_err” column.

In terms of quality flags, eleanor uses the TESS SPOC quality flags by identifying short-cadence targets that fall on each camera-CCD pairing for a given sector. However, eleanor, also adds two new quality flags – bit 17 (decimal value 131072)) and bit 18 (decimal value 262144).

More information on eleanor:

More information on GSFC-ELEANOR-LITE Pipeline:


Local path or remote url of a GSFC-ELEANOR-LITE light curve FITS file.

flux_column‘RAW_FLUX’, ‘CORR_FLUX’, ‘PCA_FLUX’, or ‘FLUX_BKG’

Which column in the FITS file contains the preferred flux data? By default the “Corrected Flux” flux (CORR_FLUX) is used.

quality_bitmaskstr or int

Bitmask (integer) which identifies the quality flag bitmask that should be used to mask out bad cadences. If a string is passed, it has the following meaning:

  • “none”: no cadences will be ignored (quality_bitmask=0).

  • “default”: cadences with flags indicating AttitudeTweak, SafeMode, CoarsePoint, EarthPoint, Desat, or ManualExclude will be ignored.

  • “hard”: cadences with default flags, ApertureCosmic, CollateralCosmic, Straylight, or Straylight2 will be ignored.

  • “hardest”: cadences with all the above flags will be ignored, in addition to cadences with GSFC-ELEANOR-LITE bit flags of 17 (decimal value 131072) and 18 (decimal value 262144).