lightkurve.correctors.load_tess_cbvs(cbv_dir=None, sector=None, camera=None, ccd=None, cbv_type='SingleScale', band=None)[source]

Loads TESS cotrending basis vectors, either from a directory of CBV files already saved locally if cbv_dir is passed, or else will retrieve the relevant files programmatically from MAST.

This function fetches the Cotrending Basis Vectors FITS HDU for the desired cotrending basis vectors.

For TESS, each CCD CBVs are stored in a separate FITS files.

For now, this function will only load 2-minute cadence CBVs. Once other cadence CBVs become available this function will be updated to support their downloads.


Path to specific directory holding TESS CBVs. If None, queries MAST.

sectorint, list of ints

TESS Sector number.

camera and ccdint

TESS camera and CCD


‘SingleScale’ or ‘MultiScale’ or ‘Spike’


Multi-scale band number

resultTessCotrendingBasisVectors object


This example will load presaved CBVs from directory ‘.’ for TESS Sector 10 Camera.CCD 2.4 Multi-Scale band 2

>>> cbvs = load_tess_cbvs('.',sector=10, camera=2, ccd=4, 
>>>     cbv_type='MultiScale', band=2)