KeplerTargetPixelFile.interact_sky(notebook_url='localhost:8888', aperture_mask='empty', magnitude_limit=18)

Display a Jupyter Notebook widget showing Gaia DR2 positions on top of the pixels.


Location of the Jupyter notebook page (default: “localhost:8888”) When showing Bokeh applications, the Bokeh server must be explicitly configured to allow connections originating from different URLs. This parameter defaults to the standard notebook host and port. If you are running on a different location, you will need to supply this value for the application to display properly. If no protocol is supplied in the URL, e.g. if it is of the form “localhost:8888”, then “http” will be used.

aperture_maskarray-like, ‘pipeline’, ‘threshold’, ‘default’, ‘background’, or ‘empty’

Highlight pixels selected by aperture_mask. Default is ‘empty’: no pixel is highlighted.


A value to limit the results in based on Gaia Gmag. Default, 18.