Reading Data Products

read(path_or_url, **kwargs)

Reads any valid Kepler or TESS data file and returns an instance of LightCurve or TargetPixelFile

In general, users only need to call the read function, also available as This function will auto-detect the type of data product being opened and pass it on to a product-specific reader function.

Below we list the product-specific reader functions. These functions are not intended to be called directly because it is much easier to simply call the read function. We include the functions here because their documentation lists the optional parameters that can be passed to the generic read() function, and because they document information pertaining to specific products.

Kepler Data Products

kepler.read_kepler_lightcurve(filename[, ...])

Returns a Kepler LightCurve.

everest.read_everest_lightcurve(filename[, ...])

Read an EVEREST light curve file.


Read a KEPSEISMIC light curve file.

k2sff.read_k2sff_lightcurve(filename[, ext])

Read a K2SFF light curve file.

TESS Data Products

tess.read_tess_lightcurve(filename[, ...])

Returns a TESS LightCurve.

cdips.read_cdips_lightcurve(filename[, ...])

Returns a TESS CDIPS LightCurve.

eleanor.read_eleanor_lightcurve(filename[, ...])

Returns a LightCurve object given a light curve file from eleanor package or GSFC-ELEANOR-LITE Pipeline.

pathos.read_pathos_lightcurve(filename[, ...])

Returns a TESS PATHOS LightCurve.

qlp.read_qlp_lightcurve(filename[, ...])

Returns a LightCurve object given a light curve file from the MIT Quicklook Pipeline (QLP).

tasoc.read_tasoc_lightcurve(filename[, ...])

Returns a TESS TASOC LightCurve.