lightkurve.search_tesscut(target, sector=None)[source]#

Search the MAST TESSCut service for a region of sky that is available as a TESS Full Frame Image cutout.

This feature uses the TESScut service provided by the TESS data archive at MAST. If you use this service in your work, please cite TESScut in your publications.

targetstr, int, or astropy.coordinates.SkyCoord object

Target around which to search. Valid inputs include:

  • The name of the object as a string, e.g. “Kepler-10”.

  • The KIC or EPIC identifier as an integer, e.g. 11904151.

  • A coordinate string in decimal format, e.g. “285.67942179 +50.24130576”.

  • A coordinate string in sexagesimal format, e.g. “19:02:43.1 +50:14:28.7”.

  • An astropy.coordinates.SkyCoord object.

sectorint or list

TESS Sector number. Default (None) will return all available sectors. A list of desired sectors can also be provided.

resultSearchResult object

Object detailing the data products found.