Building the documentation#

Coding and documentation standards#

Lightkurve adopts AstroPy’s coding guidelines and standards, as documented in AstroPy’s Development Documentation.

Building documentation#


Building the documentation is not necessary unless you are writing new documentation or do not have internet access, because the latest version of the documentation is available online at .

Building the lightkurve documentation requires sphinx and a few extra packages. We recommend using poetry to install the development dependencies:

$ poetry install


If you encounter the error Pandoc wasn't found, you will have to install pandoc separately as well following its installation instruction . For example, on Mac OS you can install pandoc using homebrew:

$ brew install pandoc

An alternative method is to install pandoc using conda:

$ conda install --channel=conda-forge pandoc

To build the documentation in HTML format, execute:

$ cd docs
$ make clean
$ make html

This will save the documentation website in the ../../lightkurve-docs directory on your system. The notebook-based tutorials will not be recompiled by default because they take some time to build. To recompile the notebooks, type:

make notebooks

Finally, if you have write permission to lightkurve’s GitHub repository, you can upload the documentation to the web server using:

make upload