Citing Lightkurve & its dependencies#

If you use Lightkurve for work or research presented in a publication, we request the following acknowledgment or citation:

This research made use of Lightkurve, a Python package for Kepler and TESS data analysis (Lightkurve Collaboration, 2018).

where (Lightkurve Collaboration, 2018) is a citation to the ADS entry 2018ascl.soft12013L. The recommended BibTeX entry for this citation is:

   author = {{Lightkurve Collaboration} and {Cardoso}, J.~V.~d.~M. and
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In addition, you may elect to cite a specific version of Lightkurve using the version-specific DOI provided by Zenodo.

Citing dependencies#

Lightkurve was built on top of a number of powerful libraries, including NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib. We strongly encourage you to cite these packages as well. In particular, we request that all astronomy publications cite the relevant astronomy packages, which include:

If your package is missing from the list above, please open a pull request to add it.