Developer documentation

Lightkurve is actively developed on its GitHub repository. This page provides guidelines for package developers and maintainers.

Coding and documentation standards

Lightkurve adopts AstroPy’s coding guidelines and standards, as documented in AstroPy’s Development Documentation.

Release procedure

The procedure to release a new version of Lightkurve requires a number of manual steps:

  1. Add any new contributors to AUTHORS.rst.
  2. Change the version number in lightkurve/ Lightkurve follows a semantic versioning scheme.
  3. Verify that all unit tests pass:
$ pytest --remote-data
  1. Make a new release branch in GitHub using the Draft a new release button at
  2. Create and upload the new package to PyPI:
$ python release
  1. Update the online docs:
$ cd docs
$ make clean
$ make html
$ make upload
  1. Edit lightkurve/ to contain the next version number with suffix .dev.