The lightkurve.seismology sub-package provides classes and functions for quick-look asteroseismic analyses.


diagnose_deltanu_acf2d(deltanu, periodogram)

Returns a diagnostic plot which elucidates how deltanu was estimated.

diagnose_numax_acf2d(numax, periodogram)

Returns a diagnostic plot which elucidates how numax was estimated.

estimate_deltanu_acf2d(periodogram, numax)

Returns the average value of the large frequency spacing, DeltaNu, of the seismic oscillations of the target, using an autocorrelation function.

estimate_logg(numax, teff[, numax_err, teff_err])

Calculates the log of the surface gravity using the asteroseismic scaling relations.

estimate_mass(numax, deltanu, teff[, …])

Calculates mass using the asteroseismic scaling relations.

estimate_numax_acf2d(periodogram[, numaxs, …])

Estimates the peak of the envelope of seismic oscillation modes, numax, using an autocorrelation function.

estimate_radius(numax, deltanu, teff[, …])

Returns a stellar radius estimate based on the scaling relations.



Enables astroseismic quantities to be estimated from periodograms.


Holds an asteroseismic value including its unit, error, and estimation method.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of lightkurve.seismology.core.Seismology, lightkurve.seismology.utils.SeismologyQuantity