search_tesscut, sector=None)

Searches MAST for TESS Full Frame Image cutouts containing a desired target or region.

target : str, int, or astropy.coordinates.SkyCoord object

Target around which to search. Valid inputs include:

  • The name of the object as a string, e.g. “Kepler-10”.
  • The KIC or EPIC identifier as an integer, e.g. 11904151.
  • A coordinate string in decimal format, e.g. “285.67942179 +50.24130576”.
  • A coordinate string in sexagesimal format, e.g. “19:02:43.1 +50:14:28.7”.
  • An astropy.coordinates.SkyCoord object.
sector : int or list

TESS Sector number. Default (None) will return all available sectors. A list of desired sectors can also be provided.

result : SearchResult object

Object detailing the data products found.

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