Correcting systematics

This sub-package defines classes which help remove instrument systematics or variability from time series photometry data.

Classes provided by this package should inherit from an abstract Corrector class, which provides three key methods:

    .correct(**options) -> Returns a systematics-corrected LightCurve.
    .diagnose(**options) -> Returns figures which elucidate the correction.
    .interact() -> Returns a widget to tune the options interactively (optional).

Classes currently provided are KeplerCBVCorrector, SFFCorrector, and PLDCorrector.


KeplerCBVCorrector(lc[, cbv_array, …])

Remove systematic trends from Kepler light curves by fitting Cotrending Basis Vectors (CBVs).


Implements the Pixel Level Decorrelation (PLD) systematics removal method.


Implements the Self-Flat-Fielding (SFF) systematics removal method.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of lightkurve.correctors.cbvcorrector.KeplerCBVCorrector, lightkurve.correctors.pldcorrector.PLDCorrector, lightkurve.correctors.sffcorrector.SFFCorrector