Building the documentation

Coding and documentation standards

Lightkurve adopts AstroPy’s coding guidelines and standards, as documented in AstroPy’s Development Documentation.

Building documentation


Building the documentation is not necessary unless you are writing new documentation or do not have internet access, because the latest version of the documentation is available online at .

Building the lightkurve documentation requires a few extra packages:

  • amunra-sphinx-theme

  • sphinx

  • sphinx-automodapi

  • sphinxcontrib-rawfiles

  • nbsphinx

  • ghp-import

  • graphviz

  • numpydoc

These packages can be installed using conda or pip.

To build the documentation in HTML format, execute:

$ cd docs
$ make clean
$ make html

This will save the documentation website in the ../../lightkurve-docs directory on your system. The notebook-based tutorials will not be recompiled by default because they take some time to build. To recompile the notebooks, type:

make notebooks

Finally, if you have write permission to lightkurve’s GitHub repository, you can upload the documentation to the web server using:

make upload