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"""TESS Asteroseismic Science Operations Center -
   TESS Data For Asteroseismology Lightcurves -
   Data provided with this release have been extracted using the TASOC Photometry pipeline. The TASOC
   pipeline used to generate the data is open source and available on GitHub -
from ..lightcurve import TessLightCurve
from ..utils import TessQualityFlags

from .generic import read_generic_lightcurve

[docs]def read_tasoc_lightcurve(filename, flux_column="FLUX_RAW", quality_bitmask=None): """Returns a TESS TASOC `~lightkurve.lightcurve.LightCurve`. More information: Parameters ---------- filename : str Local path or remote url of TASOC light curve FITS file. flux_column : str Column that will be used to populate the flux values. By default, "FLUX_RAW" is used. It contains the T'DA extracted lightcurve, with no corrections applied to the raw light curves. Corrected lightcurves may become available in the future. """ lc = read_generic_lightcurve( filename, flux_column=flux_column.lower(), time_format="btjd" ) lc.meta["AUTHOR"] = "TASOC" lc.meta["TARGETID"] = lc.meta.get("TICID") # TASOC light curves are normalized by default lc.meta["NORMALIZED"] = True return TessLightCurve(data=lc)